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October 2020

We kindly ask that you always follow these general hygiene rules:


• Please let us know before any appointment how many people will be coming
• When planning an appointment, please note the recommended maximum
number of people in our rooms, see page 2
• Please check the current regulations, quarantine rules and risk areas before
entering our premises:

Contact Tracking:

• When entering our premises, please register by e-mail with your name, telephone number and address
• A QR code is available at the entrance, plus a pen and paper for other circumstances
• The data will not be passed on to third parties and will be deleted after 4 weeks

General rules of hygiene

• On our premises please always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m
• After entering the facilities, first disinfect your hands at the entrance
• Regular hand washing with soap for at least 30 seconds, especially after
(re-)entering the facilities
• Sneeze and cough into your elbow
• Wear face masks in the corridors, kitchen and toilets of the facilities, i.e.
wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained
• Please avoid large gatherings in corridors and in the kitchen
• Please always have your own face mask with you. Face masks are provided at
reception for emergencies.
• Regular airing of all rooms by employees
• Surfaces such as tables, light switches, door handles and kitchen handles are
disinfected several times a day by office management
• Grading panels are disinfected when our DI supervisors hand them over to
external colourists
• Masks are to required at Screenings and Reviews
• In case of a longer stay (e.g. during a mixing or grading) at our premises, the
mask can be removed while maintaining the 1.5 m distance


The Post Repubic GmbH

Schlesische Str. 20
10997 Berlin

T +49 30 3229 84 0
F +49 30 3229 84100

2nd Base / Sound & Grading:

Köpenicker Str. 123
10179 Berlin

T +49 30 609 886 99 0


The Post Republic UK Ltd.

47 Underwood st.
N1 7LG London

T +44 207 482 65 66


The Post Republic Halle GmbH

Mansfelder Str. 56
06108 Halle / Saale

T +49 345 4780 522


The Post Republic Hamburg GmbH

Gaußstr. 190c
22765 Hamburg

T +49 40 3069 870 0
F +49 40 3069 870 99


The Post Republic Leipzig GmbH

Franz-Flemming-Straße 9
04179 Leipzig

T +49 30 322 984 0





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