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At the core of The Post Republic's DI department are two purpose built Nucoda Film Master Suites equipped with brand new Precison panels and providing HD to 4K Digital Grading. Barco 2K/4K DCI projectors in all our suites provide accurate previz at every stage of the process.
We take great efforts in calibrating and constantly verifying our piplines to guarantee seamless conversions and maintain color accuracy through all deliverables. We are also calibrated with the leading european film labs in case you wish to process your DI Neg and create print abroad.

The Post Republic has an excellent working relationship with Europe’s leading grading talent and will take every effort to provide you with the colorist of your choice.

Each project has the support of a vast data network and a dedicated DI supervisor.

Grading Stage A

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Our large grading suite features a 100 sq meter room with a 7 by 4 meter screensize, a Barco 2K/4K DCI Projector and an Expand 3D Viewing System calibrated for grading in stereo.

Grading Stage B

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Our small grading suite offers a 45 sq meter suite with 4 by 2 meter screen, Barco 2K DCI Projector, Truelight calibration.


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